She Could Have HAD A BOMB!! – Trump Scared Of Michelle Fields’ Pen

After backing Cory Lewandowski saying that he never ever saw much less met Michelle Fields for weeks, Trump is now saying it was good that he grabbed her because she could have had a BOMB IN HER HAND!!!

It was a pen.

Watch below:

Yeah no, Trumpy. The only bombs that Breitbart “journalists” wield are the lies they publish at the website.

But if Trump is scared of a girl with a pen, how is he gonna destroy ISIS?!

Here’s a remix:

Amanda Carpenter SLAPS DOWN Team Trump’s DESPICABLY STUPID Smears On Twitter
  • Val

    You truely have become nothing more than a anti-trump web site. Do change the name.
    The establishment gop dogs are terrified and your perfect proof.
    More Anti-Trump please…
    We only get larger!!

    And that broad, yeah, she’s full of shit!

    Dope, blood thinners, excessive veg head diet or my pertucular thought. The women got Sexed real good the night before and thats what her “bruise” proves.
    All will bring about bruising. Bruising that wouldnt normaly happen.

    The Lawyers will be demanding Blood testing. And thats what i emailed Trumps Campaign.

    Trump 2016

  • WoodyBoyd

    Ahh the typical devout follower of the Cult of Trump. Where you are required not only to cast off all your worldly positions and divest yourself of what little money you may have, but also you must cast off any silly principles, moral codes, or other long held ethic or value. All in the name of expediency to seek revenge on that dastardly villain the establishment or in this case they are known as “establishment GOP dogs”.
    Fortunately, given time, Trump manages to put his true self on display and many have managed to avoid this cult. The unfortunate few that have drank the Kool-Aid are in the midst of a slow and agonizing end.
    But have faith oh Trump Followers for his resurrection will surely be in the guise of a “Third Party”. A new party conceived in anger and born of vulgarity and deception. A party that values lies and repeated false statements over actual intellectual discussion because the later is just too hard to follow. Maybe the name of this new party can be “The Rapturous Unified Militant Peons” party. Or TRUMP for short.
    I really never believed that we on the conservative side could have so many that were just as susceptible to the cult of personality as those that voted twice for Obama, but Trump proves it to be true.

  • WriterWithNoName

    Trump is a vile sack of excrement.

  • WriterWithNoName

    ^^^^^Trump would approve of the above comment.

  • Dave
  • gastorgrab

    Every person in that venue “could have had a bomb”.