Audience Laughs AT, Not With, Sarah Palin Stumping For Trump At Milwaukee GOP Dinner

Sarah Palin continues to embarrass herself and America with her Trumpism.

Here’s how it was described when she tried to tout his foreign policy genius at a dinner in Milwaukee:

Here’s her entire speech:

I think the foreign policy statement comes at the very beginning, but you can’t hear the crowd too well. You betcha!!

I can’t believe I defended her 4 years ago.

  • Sharps Rifle

    I used to really like Palin, but now I see her for what she is: A good-looking airhead.

    No wonder Drumpf likes her…she’s hot and she’s stupid.

  • Steven

    That video was horrible. I don’t mean the lighting or the angle, it was the sound. Not the sound technically, but the sounds coming out of her mouth.

  • Johnny Monday

    I’m so embarrassed now for having defended her to my more left leaning family members. She makes us conservatives look stupid. If Drumpf were out to destroy conservatism he couldn’t do any better than he’s doing right now.

  • Rob Dow

    Ted supporters are getting dirty and nasty like Cruz. Bit i can understand why. It must be disheartening when candidate needs 85% of remaining delegates and will be mathematically after New York.

  • taxeeman

    the lasting legacy of john McCain and William kristol

  • Karen

    She obviously didn’t even read this speech once before giving it. I watched her debate Biden and can not understand how this can be the same person. Maybe she has health issues?

  • aztut

    Trump supporters have nothing of substance to say about Trump (since he says nothing but platitudes), so they have to slander Cruz. Damn pathetic .

  • Randie drop


  • Sharps Rifle

    And you learned English WHERE? I’ve seen Japanese cartoons translated better than that comment was written!

  • AlecJ

    She isnt even good looking any longer. Look at picture of her now compared to before she went nuts. The crazy has had an effect on her face….and im not trying to be a jerk. Seriously, she just doesnt have that same glow. Something is wrong.

  • AlecJ

    Absolutely right.

    It is not the same person. Look at pictures of then and now. Something isnt right.

    Ive heard she replaced good people in her inner circle with some not so good people. Maybe thats where it starts.

  • AlecJ

    Its just embarrassing. Its one thing to support a candidate, its another to give a meandering speech with a bunch of cowardly smears towards Cruz that doesnt even mention him by name. Thats weak sauce.

    Its low class.

    Palin has been turned into a joke by her handlers, who i imagine decided this was a good idea. She obviously has been listening to bad advice for years, now its just devolved into a running gag.

    Worse yet, she has lowered herself to pathetic lackey, sent out to give bad speeches filled with cheap shots, by Trump….then again, she is doing it…..for money, or a promised position….i guarantee it.

    She is a chump for hire…..thats how far she has fallen and its terribly disheartening.

  • AlecJ

    We support something bigger than any one man, bigger than Cruz, so we are never disheartened.

    When you put all your hopes in a delusional, pathological liar, who couldnt think himself out of a wet paper bag, and wouldnt own a hot dog cart if he hadnt inherited it from Daddy….your only play is to hope we give up.

    We will never quit.


  • AlecJ

    Look, she could have went there and gave a good positive speech, talking about what Trump is going to do.

    Instead, she went in, like one of Trump’s ogres and gave a typical delusional, dishonest, negative speech attacking Cruz without even naming him, like a coward.

    That is why Trump will never be President. He is a petty little man, and it seems like everyone who sell their soul to support him ends up looking like a pathetic lackey.

    Look what has happened to Christie, Carson, and Palin. Outside of the cult, does anyone think they are better off for becoming a Trump surrogate?

    They have had to become liars and under handed, slimy “yes” men (and women).

    Imagine a whole White House filled with people who have become Trump gnomes.



  • Tyrconnell

    For first vote nomination, that’s what has Trump and his lackeys worried, that Trump will not get the nomination on the first vote, and most of the delegates after that can vote for who ever they want. And as far as Cruz being “nasty”, yeah I remember his attack on Fiorina “Look at that face! Who’d vote for a face like that?” oh, sorry, that was Trump. Well then there was his attack on Jeb Bush saying that Jeb had to support amnesty because his wife was from Mexico, oops, Trump again. Well then there were all the times Cruz said his opponents held positions that they did not, indeed, no evidence could be found that they ever had, dang, sorry that’s Trump again.

  • BorderLine Guy

    If this speech, or even her endorsement of Trump was what brought you to the conclusion that she’s an idiot, then you have been willfully ignorant for a few years prior.

  • RUexperienced

    Sarah Palin: “You know–I don’t know”

    LOL I think that statement is true, no matter who she ever is talking to. Any man on the street knows. Palin doesn’t

  • StrangerWithCandy

    With Palin you get a daughter with two kids by two dads (never married), and a suicidal, vicious drunk son who beats women and threatens the mother of his child with a gun. Married about a year before the lady had enough and had to leave, right? Classy. Those are some “traditional American values” right there. Jerry Springer all the way. They say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. If that’s true, then these poor kids are screwed, too.

  • RUexperienced

    Palin’s handlers???? Her only handlers these days are those in her own family.

    When Palin was being handled by McCain’s people and having her speeches written by professionals, her popularity was in the 60s.

    But when she went Rogue, and started relying on the advice of her handlers, Bristol, Willow and Piper, Palin’s popularity dripped into the 20s.

  • StrangerWithCandy

    I think she’s received plenty of good advice, and then ignores it all. It’s hard to believe that there are any “handlers” out there as bad as this.

  • StrangerWithCandy

    Any person, any topic.

  • StrangerWithCandy


  • RUexperienced

    Any age

  • StrangerWithCandy

    How come the people who are so very, very fond of spelling out all of Barack Hussein Obama don’t give the same attention to Rafael Eduardo Cruz?

  • terrisarten

    As a former supporter of Palin, I won’t go as far as to concede that she has always been crazy and I just didn’t see it. I think she was beaten back so hard by the Lib Media that she just clings to Trump because he has the press all twisted up in a ball. He’s strong. He’s doing all the things that she wished she could have done. Albeit it’s all pretty stupid at this point, but look at Trump still controlling the press.

    But I also saw in the speech a very tired woman. Her brand of “keep on fighting” is taking a toll. Her husband was in serious shape a few days ago, so she hasn’t had a lot of time to regroup.

    All that said, I am still pissed off as hell that she is doing what she is doing. And she sounded like a damn fool. So if anyone has Sarah’s ear tell her to get the rest, reflect on the real issues and get back to core principles. And for God’s sake. Dump Trump.

  • Americana

    Sorry, I loathe the woman and her political opportunism but I’d never take this approach of insulting her physical appearance. There’s plenty enough to remark upon about her intellect. Let’s keep to the high road…

  • Americana

    That’s yet another black mark against Trump (as well as against Palin!@!#$!) as far as I’m concerned. He’s taken to sucking up to every Conservative he thinks he can win over by promising them positions or roles in his administration. The fact Palin was savvy enough to seek to float into Trump’s orbit says oodles about her anticipation of getting a position in his Cabinet because she’s endorsed him and has been stumping for him. That pizza dinner they had is what this campaign was all about — it was Trump getting a shot at the throne and Palin elevating herself through the back door to enable her to go through the front door… SHAME on BOTH OF THESE INCOMPETENT SHYSTERS.

  • Patrick Saunders

    What is wrong with Rafael Eduardo Cruz?

    I like his real name.