Scumbag Trump Lackey Roger Stone THREATENS VIOLENCE Against GOP Convention Delegates [Video]

Trump’s scumbag lackey Roger Stone always happens to pop up wherever the scummiest of dirty work has to be done for the Trump campaign, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

For instance, he’s calling for Trump hooligans to protest and riot at the GOP convention in an obvious attempt to intimidate the GOP leadership:

A former adviser for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said Friday he is planning massive “days of rage” protests outside the Republican convention in Cleveland if the party tries to “steal” the nomination away from Mr. Trump.

Roger Stone, who left the Trump campaign in August, tweeted several times Friday evening about his plans, announcing a “Stop the Steal March on Cleveland” and calling on supporters to get to the city for the convention in July.

“Stop the Steal March on Cleveland! @realDonaldTrump supporters- drive, hitch-hike, bus or fly to ‘the Forest City’ July 18-21,” Mr. Stone tweeted.

In addition, Mr. Stone told Buzzfeed that he is planning “#DaysofRage,” a reference to the 1969 Weatherman-organized Days of Rage protests in Chicago.

Mr. Stone said the protests will be “organized by Trump nation,” and that they will “stage protests at hotels of state delegates of states supporting the BIG STEAL.”

In an interview with GQ this week, Mr. Stone said a stolen nomination from Mr. Trump would cause extreme anger among his supporters.

“I think there’d be extreme anger by the Trump supporters. I don’t know that it would boil over into violence. Trump is certainly not advocating violence,” he said.

And now he’s increased the scumbag level up a notch by threatening violence against the delegates who go to the GOP convention:

Now there is much more “common sense” evidence that Trump is coordinating with this bottom-feeder than there is that Cruz helped put out the nudey Melania ad, but guess which will get much more press?

This is just another example of how Trump relies on thug tactics and violence because he really can’t organize a campaign despite his perpetual assurances that he’s a brilliant genius. After all it’s much easier to commit violence against a delegate than it is to study and take advantage of state party rules. And the American people are letting this moron waltz into the GOP nomination…


I am very uncomfortable with scumbags expressing their feelings for me:

I hope he doesn’t find out my hotel room number at the convention…

Even Trump Thought Eric Bolling’s Crackpot GOP Convention Conspiracy Theory Was Dumb
  • Someone needs to understand what happens when you try to interfere with a conservative’s place of domicile. The statistics don’t look good for Codger Stone’s goons.

  • xsnake

    Page would be better used to hammer the old bag and the commie geezer in the other party.

  • aliswell

    When your vote is undermined and rendered irrelevant by the manipulations of lawless corruptocrats and political elites, sometimes all you are left to fight back with IS violence. Tragic but true. Honest, hard-working Americans have tried the lawful way of halting the destruction of their country. They’ve tried halting and reversing the horrific burdens placed on them over the past dozen years, and watched as power mongers lie, cheat and steal from the honest citizen while granting those who hate us with our confiscated tax dollars and benefits far above what we citizens are granted.

    Using peaceful means to protect ourselves and our families has failed. People ~ honest, hard-working American citizens, are just plain fed up with being beaten and stomped on. Time to try another tact.

  • honestAbesurd

    Stone is a LBJ conspiracy guy. He is a inside beltway nut job. By the way LBJ done it.

  • Rethugz

    You’re condoning violence.

  • aliswell

    What war is without violence? And make no mistake, this government, like so many across the globe, is AT WAR with its own citizenry. Do you have ANY idea how many American citizens have been killed as a result of this administration’s policies? How did addressing the lawlessness from Obama’s government at the ballot box work out for the dead and their families?

    Wake. Up.

  • Rethugz

    You’re condoning violence.

  • aliswell

    Thank you. Very well thought out response.

  • Rethugz

    You’re welcome.

  • Mother124

    Gee…couldn’t be that Stone was fired from the campaign so that he could do this for Trump while Trump “condemns violence” could it?


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