Supporters Can’t Handle Trump Defeat, RAGE-TWEET About Supposed Election FRAUD

Yeah we all knew this would happen. The nearly illiterate and barely conscious hordes of the dumber element of Trump supporters are wailing and gnashing their teeth on their Twitter accounts after his YUGE loss to the TedNado in Wisconsin.

And of course, there’s a conspiracy, because Emperor Trump would win 100% of votes if it wasn’t for fraud, just like all left-wing totalitarian dictators:

A.J. Delgado is one of Trump’s most stalwart supporters, if by “stalwart” you mean “stupid.” But she ain’t the only moron tweeting about election conspiracies:

There’s no way!! I love Trump too much for this to happen!!


Report it whether it happened or not!!!



I believe this one because it’s in all caps.

I’m a landowner dammit, that means my opinion beats all elections!!!!

He sees it ALL OVER Wisconsin!!

OR, alternately, you morons lie every time Trump loses. That’s a pattern too.

Oh wait, there’s this:

And if that isn’t enough, Trump’s own statement says he “withstood” the Establishment – so why are they whining about fraud if Trump says he won?!?! LOL!

Ted Cruz SHUTS OUT Trump In Colorado, WINS First SIX Delegates!!
  • R_Stephan

    My other favorite part of this particular primary was seeing Trump walk all over his comment of “no one likes Cruz, no one will work with him” by saying that the establishment (still not sure what that means) and the entire party were against him in WI.

  • thaddeus knowseverything

    I had three accounts blocked at Trumbart last night for supporting Cruz.

  • Tyrconnell

    Why do they remind me of the Democrats in 2000, and 2004? Or any SJW that doesn’t get their way for that matter.

  • Tyrconnell

    “Establishment” used to mean the Country Club Republicans, now it’s become shorthand for anyone not kissing Trump’s …ring.