DESPICABLE Trump Fans Mock Mary Katherine Ham’s Deceased Husband To Make America ‘Great’ Again

If you want to see some truly scummy behavior, just make a pretty decent point against Emperor Trump, and you’ll be attacked mercilessly by the bottom-dwellers that inhabit the nether regions of Twitter.

This time what set off the swarm of feces-tossers was when Fox News contributor Mary Katherine Ham dared to compare the verbally incontinent moron Donald to his surprisingly intelligent and even-tempered daughter Ivanka:

She is literally complimenting his daughter, but pointing out the yuge difference between the two. That’s all. So the Trump-peons grabbed their keyboard torches and mouse-pitchforks and yelled, “This aggression will not stand!!!” And to emulate the classiness of their emperor, they mocked her deceased Husband, Jake:


For her part, Mary Katherine Ham took the high road, God bless her:

I wouldn’t blame her if she came back just as viciously against her scumbag Trump trolls, but unlike her attackers and their leader, she has character.

Yup. Not all fans are this scummy, but man, they can be pretty despicable about defending their spray-tanned Lord and cheeto-faced Saviour Trump. Here are some more of the worst spewings from the sewer of humanity:

I have no idea what inspires a human being to be such a degenerate scumbag to another. Oh wait, yes I do – it’s TRUMP!!!

And if that wasn’t enough, some of these Trump scumbags actually accused her of having an affair with Ted Cruz:


All class, I tell you. ALL CLASS IN ALL CAPS!!!

If this is how Trump is making America “great,” you can count me out.

Feel free to visit these scumbags on Twitter and let them know what you think of their behavior.

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  • Tyrconnell

    If I recall correctly, this isn’t the first time Branch Trumpidians went after MKH for her lack of worship.

  • KC

    “I have no idea what inspires a human being to be such a degenerate scumbag to another. Oh wait, yes I do – it’s TRUMP!!!”

    Actually it is people who have to live in this progressive cesspool called ObamaNation. It brings out the worst of everybody.

  • Getuponthewheel

    Wow, just wow. Level of depravity is hard to quantify. I guess these are people with serious problems in their lives and instead of being a proverbial dog kicker at their end of the day (or actually straightening out their lives or heads), get on the Interwebs and unleash their demons.

  • Lockstein13

    You mean “DESPICABLE” like ‘Heil Trump’?!?

    THAT’S Team Cruz for ya.
    * TRUMP 2016 *

  • There’s a big difference between not being politically correct and being an utterly despicable piece of sewer filth in human form.

  • Generally, those are the kinds of people who flock to a personality cult.

  • @bradoplata

    Not a huge fan, but I’ve never wished death on a pundit.

    Not even Geraldo.

  • Not 1of the promised virgins

    I know one of these people posting this vile crap. Trust me, he has no life, no money, no sex, no class and no chance to improve.