Drudge Report Pushing Old Story From August To RILE Up Trump Supporters

It’s so weird how all of a sudden everyone is in an uproar over the rules in Colorado!! Trump is angry!! His aides are yelling fraud!! It’s like Nazi Germany!! It’s the Taliban!! Let’s all riot!!!

And Drudge tosses gasoline on the fire by revealing this insane new story oh wow I can’t believe it look!!!! CLICK IT NOW RIOT LATER!!!


Are you serious did the Colorado GOP seriously vote to get rid of the primary election so that they could give the nomination to Ted Cruz?!?! I can’t believe they would do that!! It’s unbelievable!!

It also happened SIX MONTHS ago:

It’s even a “SHOCK” over at Drudge! LOL!

drudge report 01

So why wasn’t there an uproar back then? Why wasn’t Manafort saying the Ted Cruz campaign was using “Gestapo tactics” back then? How come no one said they were like the Taliban then? Where was Roger Stone back then calling them Nazis? Why didn’t Drudge care about “Democracy” back then?


Oh… it’s because Ted Cruz SWEPT all the delegates from Colorado. Maybe that’s it.

It’s shameful how people are pretending that they don’t understand how state primary rules work, just for the sake of fomenting an idiot’s rebellion among those who really don’t know how they work.

If Donald Trump hadn’t had his head up his Obama, then he might have known to follow in the example of brilliant Ted Cruz, and oh, I dunno, maybe study up on the Colorado GOP primary laws, and use them to his advantage.

Instead, the stupid old man sat back in his jet until it was too late and now he’s whining that it was “stolen” from him. Sorry you deranged infantile cretin, but no one can “steal” what you never had in the first place.



TRUMP LOSING Indiana Delegate Game To Ted Cruz, And Team Trump Is CLUELESS About It!!

  • WriterWithNoName

    Matt Drudge has his nose deep up Trumps butt hole. I stopped visiting Drudge because the site has been slanting its content and framing it in favor of The Donald.

  • I know; I’ve been trying to find something less slanted. Bad Blue is the best I can find so far. 🙁

  • Jane Dough

    So the rule is, we can abolish democracy as long as it happened six months ago?

    Obama better get started suspending this November’s presidential election since it’s already mid-April.

  • Right4 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ CRUZ 2016

    Seems I recall trump defending his bankruptcies as taking advantage of the current laws/rules. Funny how the rules are fine if he’s using them, not so much if others do.
    Whiners gonna whine.

  • Delaney Coffer

    Stupormexican strikes again. Now Drudge is an enemy. Keep on wanking.

  • gastorgrab

    A mistake, or intentional?

    He wouldn’t be the only one speed-reading the headlines, and coming to the wrong conclusion. I made the same mistake.

  • Tyrconnell

    Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner. Maybe we should get rid of that undemocratic Electoral College as well.

  • Tyrconnell

    Of course, if it was Trump who had swept Colorado against, let’s say, Jeb, all the people wailing would be singing about Trump’s intelligence.

  • Lee Jan

    LOL…….Drudge will to lie for dollars. Or something. But those of us who used to support Drudge are not gulls. We don’t like the vulgarian no matter how much certain tree nuts or gayway pundits love the man.

  • Lee Jan

    Ignorance is not bliss. tRump snoozed and Cruz soared. Too bad, so sad. Whining and lying won’t change the truth.

  • Lee Jan

    Yes, let’s let NY and California decide all future presidential elections.

  • Ann_W

    I’ve been using hotair.com . I also just found a really good one socialnewswatch.com . I just saw it today, but it looks like it’s set up well. I used to go to Drudge and Breitbart almost daily, but their sites are horrible now. Drudge has been very dishonest in his coverage. Very frustrated, I will not go back after the election.

  • Ann_W

    When you see the stuff Drudge has been pulling in the last couple of months, you know it’s intentional. I never go there anymore.

  • This country is a Republic

  • I’ve seen that site,. It looks almost purely political. That and BadBlue.com together seem to be a decent replacement. Thanks.

  • Lol a Mexican is supporting Ted Cruz. I’m so sorry for your life.

  • Eaglelover60InEastlake

    I used to love to visit the Druge site, but no longer. It was a great aggregate site for conservative news, but he has put everything behind Trump it appears and he has lost me.

  • Tyrconnell

    That does seem to be the aim of all this “Democracy! Democracy! Hypocrisy! Sanctimony! ” screeching and wailing recently.

  • MZPinCA

    Socialnewswatch is by RedState to counter Drudge, it was purposefully created to slant.

  • DarthDiggler

    @writerwithnoname:disqus Try this site… http://socialnewswatch.com/

  • DarthDiggler

    @cavalierx:disqus I found this… http://socialnewswatch.com/

  • DarthDiggler


    Socialnewswatch is by RedState to counter Drudge, it was purposefully created to slant.

    It was created in response to Drudge’s pro-Trump slant.

  • MZPinCA


  • 2lumpsofclay

    Not only that, you couldn’t really vote after the debates for anyone but trumpleTHINSKIN. Drudge’s poll taker just would spin and spin and spin and spin when you voted for Cruz.

  • 2lumpsofclay

    We do not live in a democracy. And it was a PARTY election of delegates-not the President

  • 2lumpsofclay

    Sorry-put it under the wrong name-should have been Jane

  • infidella

    Shame on that stupid motha trucker for abusing his power
    *his site seemed impressive,reliable for a good run. I lost faith in Drudge real early.I think it was his coverage of candidates seemed petty.I found some new ones to while I occassionally checked in and it was the unthinkable. One of our own is stupid enough to behave in a way every newsie recognizes as leftist which the right once never thought was within us….especially with the bias we are up against
    goto sites Bad Blue Doug Ross,Blur Brain,frontpage
    My problem is this drudge disaster sets the bar for professional lengths one should go for their candidate I dont post my opinions on Trump in the fb group I run. Ive seen people who’ve the same values,beliefs and respect for a fellow member for 3-5years turn on the other and the Truml supporters do tend to threaten and we are suppose to be on the same side what is
    So damn good talking points,no substance, tempermental,ego manic and very best self promoter.

    Hang in there ‘dont lose your minds over this.incredibly important presidential election

  • Ann_W

    But Drudge hasn’t been slanted the last few months…

  • Ann_W

    That looks like a good one, too, thanks!

  • NavyMom

    I’ve given up on Drudge and Breitbart. They are such shills for Donald Trump and consistently post blatantly false lies about Cruz that I can’t take them anymore. I’ve removed them from my ‘favorites’ and have replaced them with socialnewswatch and Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire. I still read American Thinker every day, too. Next I’ll add Levin TV.

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