Colorado GOP Chairman Is Getting DEATH THREATS From Trump Scumbags – 3,000 Phone Calls

Trump supporters are now posting private information of the Colorado Republican party officials and encouraging each other to harass them.

The chairman of the state party is reporting death threats, with 3,000 phone calls to his home:

steve house death threats

This is utterly despicable and every Trump supporter should be ashamed and disgusted by this. This is exactly what happens when you have a fraud and a charlatan running for president and the only way he can get votes is to whip up the stupider and more vicious idiots of the American public.


Here’s a local news report about it:

Update – Here’s one proud moron still tweeting about it:

CNN Anchor Displays Herculean Stamina In Stifling Laughter As Spox Calls Trump ‘Extremely Consistent’
  • slipkid13

    They’ll probably sue Mr. House.

  • Donaldo Disgrazia

    Here are the by-laws of the Colorado Republican Party if you want to shut up people like Ann Coulter and other lying Trumptards:


  • Tom R

    Trump scumbags? Youll be getting your death threats soon. Mr brilliant

  • Tom R

    Democrats and Gop establishment hacks are the same animals.

  • JAS

    Sorry. Trump Dirtbags.

  • Tyrconnell

    And it looks like Trump supporters are of the same entitlement mindset as Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter.

  • spaniel

    Steve House is getting death threats because the people are pissed, thats “direct democracy” , Mr House.
    Your “cat has been pulled out-of-the-bag”.