LOL!! Trump Mistakes 7-11 For 9/11, And The Internet Destroys Him For It!!

The cheeto-faced toupee’d totalitarian made a pretty yuge gaffe and the internet is rolling on the floor laughing…

Take a listen:

The internet, as usual, was hilariously merciless:

This one so far is the best:

LOL!! Took me a second there…

Oh and in the same speech, Trump said civilian casualties are way worse than military – that’s how much he cares about our veterans!

‘Gestapo Tactics!!’ – POLICE Investigating THREATS Against Anti-Trump Delegates In Indiana!!

  • Grant Naylor

    I SWEAR, Trump almost makes me want to sign up for Twitter.

    Sooper, if you don’t roast this chestnut on the next Podcast, I’m gonna confiscate your Lucha Libre…:o)

  • Mother124

    Not only that…..he said down AT 7/11…..right after the WTC came down……

  • halodoc

    This is one of those Godzilla sized face palms, preferably to be applied firmly upside Trump’s head.

  • Pamela Trammell

    If you do, make sure to also follow @realdenaldtrump, a Trump parody account. HILARIOUS!!

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