Sean Hannity Throws A TrumperTantrum When Cruz Tells Him To Talk About Issues, Not Trump Narratives

Dayammm… el TedNado shut down Sean Hannity’s idiotic whining about the elections that he lost.

Listen below:

I love how Sean pretends that he’s offering a reasonable question by saying that all of his listeners are confused – there’s no question about that.

Ted Cruz had a few snappy answers, for instance, “I cannot help that the Trump campaign doesn’t seem capable of running a lemonade stand,” and “If you lose, don’t CRY about it!”

Hannity is focused a million percent on questions about past elections because he knows that pushes Trump’s narrative. And Cruz doesn’t let him get away with it.

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  • CLR

    There is no Drudge. There is no Fox. They are the voice for Trump… Trump News Stations.

  • Scotty B

    When Cruz wins the nomination and ultimately the White House, Sean Hannity will start referring to himself as a “Cruz Conservative”.

  • 75skydog

    been solidly behind Texas Ted since 2012

  • IslandLifer

    Hey Sooper white boy…you’re cover is blown. You’re a fraud and RS is a pathetic excuse for a website. Swallow that massive Trump victory yet? Hard to digest?

  • IslandLifer

    When? Not going to happen. Don’t see him winning the remaining states…get over it

  • IslandLifer

    You mean Canadian Ted?

  • IslandLifer

    Riiiiggghhht. Someone please inform Smelly Kelly…

  • CLR

    There is no Drudge. There is no Fox. They are the voice for Trump… Trump News Stations.

  • rico

    Trump is a great way to get Hillary into the white house. Dump Trump

  • CountryPatriot

    Your education has failed you or you are just ignorant to the facts.

  • Beentheremovedaway

    “smelly kelly”? Trumpalos are all intellectually and emotionally 10 years old.. much like lil donny whose speeches have been rated at a 4th grade level!

  • Lloyd Wayne Murphy

    Some people are just plain brain dead!

  • Lloyd Wayne Murphy

    Hannity is a two faced a##hole!

  • tboost

    Sean, you’re sort of a smart guy; go figure this out.

  • Iron Scruffy

    This devastating display of wit has been brought to you by Brawndo.

    It has what plants crave!

  • Feet2Fire

    You mean you’ve had FOUR YEARS to WAKE UP and you’re still SLEEPWALKING?

  • FlyOverCountry

    How is it that Hannity SUDDENLY can’t accept the system that has been in place for many years? Why is he placing this discussion all on the shoulders of Cruz?

    THE DELEGATE SYSTEM HAS NOT BEEN UNFAIR. DONALD TRUMP HAS WON A GREATER PERCENTAGE OF DELEGATES THAN HE HAS % OF THE VOTE (ask Cavuto) Why doesn’t Hannity complain about the winner-take-all states?

    I live in Illinois…..my vote NEVER counts in the election….that’s been our system! But suddenly Cruz is getting blamed because Hannity is clearly in the Trump camp. He doesn’t ask these tough questions of Trump!!!

    Trump is no better than Hillary. I don’t want a government based on personality. I want a government based upon the Constitution.

  • Ronald Martin

    Fox who? Drudge who? Turned them all off when they became pom pom girls for trump. I’ve only voted Republican for 40years but I will NOT vote for trump under any circumstances

  • David Marshall

    No, he’s not. He’s really not.

  • David Marshall

    I am really sorry that things have come down to this . . . Cruz is so unpleasant, but I’d vote for the hunter who shot Bambi’s father over Donald Trump. (Especially if he gave me some of the steaks.) This is what shrill conservative radio has wrought — instead of a good governor like Walker or Jindal thrashing that lowlife Hillary, we’re forced to choose between a pouting, blaspheming, lying, casino-owning man-child, on the one side, and a charmless, graceless, and off-putting senator with no real experience. I’ll take the latter, but have little hope for November or beyond.

  • Red West

    Sorry… but that’s WAY off base. I’ve got a kid in 4th grade (not joking… actually happened) who listened to Trump in an interview and said, “Is there something wrong with him, Dad”. Holding back the laughter, I said “why are you asking that”. My 9 year old… “He didn’t answer what the guy was asking him about, and he doesn’t complete any of his sentences. Is he OK?”.

    So let’s not disparage 4th graders that way. Most of them are FAR more intelligent than Donald Trump.

  • Red West

    Neither do I. Nor does he have to. If Drumpf can’t make the 1237, he’s toast. They’re already peeling off the further left he goes. Majority voted against him all along… they were just fragmented across multiple other candidates. When those delegates are unbound after the 1st ballot, Trump is just a fart in a whirlwind. Can’t WAIT to watch the meltdown.

  • Red West

    Because it feeds Trump’s bullshit narrative, and that’s all that matters. Screw facts.

  • Red West

    Exactly. Have always thought he was a shallow, ignorant dipshit. But I thought he supported conservatives, so I put up with his 3rd grade delivery and mind-numbing repetition and narcissism. Now that he’s gone officially dumbshit liberal, no reason to put up with any of that shit any more. Haven’t listened or watched in months and I can already feel my IQ going back up.

  • Beentheremovedaway

    LOL.. You are correct of course, my apologies to yours and other smart children! Awesome to hear that story!