Trump Would Let This Creepy Weirdo Use The Bathroom With Your Daughter

El Trumpo seems to have accidentally said that he’s opposed to North Carolina’s transgender law, though they may be walking that back soon.

In any case, maybe it was his dalliance with this cross-dressing transgender weirdo that made him so politically correct and left-wing on tranny rights:

Well that was creepy. On the other hand, it does explain this:

Are we really ready for the first tranny-motorboating, cheeto-faced, toupee’d totalitarian president?

I’m not. Vote CRUZ!!!

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  • cryandhowl

    Stop being a sore loser SOOPERMELICONE.

    Cruz couldn’t beat Trump so suck it up. It’s no one’s fault but Cruz’s. Surely the b.s. you and Erick Erickson among other phony conservatives have been relentlessly spewing only bolstered Trump’s support.

  • adam

    Please please PLEASE remember that you made this comment a few months from now when Trump fails to get 1237 and he loses to Cruz during the convention. As to your point about phony conservatives I’d like to point out that Trumpsters are always the first to note that Trump is not running as a conservative.

    Second…. pls stay on topic, this is about dudes using womens restrooms

  • ConservativeNewsOnline

    Transgenders are crowding women out of women’s restrooms, according to parody news site Conservative News Online. https://conservativenews.online/2016/04/21/women-crowded-out-of-restrooms-by-transgenders/

  • GolfCartOne

    Another less successful, poorly educated moron who lives Trump but Trump only scorns. Dolt

  • jamson64

    Stay on topic.

  • cryandhowl

    Uh, if this is about “dudes using women’s restrooms,” why mention Trump at all? The post was simply another lame dig from SOOPERMELICONE.
    Of course Trump isn’t a conservative. We conservatives have had our asses handed to us time and again. I’m a staunch conservative and I live in Texas and voted for Cruz in the primary. But, Trump is far to the right on the immigration and Muslim invasion issues. In my humble opinion, if we don’t get those situations under control, like right now, we won’t be worrying about Trannys using women’s restrooms, or late term abortion or baking wedding cakes for gays and prayer in school. We’ll be worrying if our wives and kids can go to the park without getting raped or murdered by some freaking Muslim and / or illegal alien. We’ll be waking up to the call to prayer every morning. In my view, everything else takes a back seat at least for now. The problem with conservatives is that we have a mind-set of it’s “all or none.” Either our candidate is Christian conservative on each and every issue. If he’s not … “I’m not voting for that guy! He’s not a true conservative.” “I don’t like the way he combs his hair.” “He’s not as rich as he says.”
    Conservatives should learn a lesson from liberals. Get what you want a little at a time … incrementally. They’ve been doing it for decades until they ended up with the grand prize … Barack Obama squatting in the White House.

  • adam

    Nothing about Trump is conservative or far right. His stance on Muslims is not to the right, to the far right, or anywhere near the right. His stance on Muslims is the Lefts stance on Christians and has more in common with FDR than anything on the right. The problems this country faces isn’t Muslims, it isn’t our borders, it’s Liberalism. Liberalism has brought us to this point. We don’t need a wall, we need to enforce the laws we have. History shows that countries never build walls to keep people out, but to keep people in.

    We don’t need to ban Muslims from entering this country, we need to thoroughly vet them before the come in.

    I can not in good conscience vote for Trump, not because of his hair, not because he isn’t conservative on every issue, but because it goes contrary to every principle I have.

    Muslims should not be banned from enter this country, this country was founded on freedom of religion. There is no redeeming quality behind Planned Parenthood. Tariffs will only hurt American businesses. And no dude should be in a womans restroom.

    As for your anger against Muslims i would suggest that if you are a Conservative like you say, read up on how the Jews treated and thought of the Samaritans. Than reread the story of the good Samaritans.