Flip Floppin’ Donald Discovers His Promise To PAY OFF The Debt Is Idiotic And IMPOSSIBLE!

There goes the Donald going back on another promise – this time it’s his ridiculous promise to end the federal debt by the end of two presidential terms.

From the Washington Examiner:

Donald Trump is walking back his previous pledge to erase the national debt after about a decade if he’s elected president.

“You have said you plan to pay off the country’s debt in 10 years. How is that possible?” a reporter for Fortune Magazine asked the Republican presidential front-runner in an interview published Friday.

“No, I didn’t say 10 years,” Trump said. He then suggested that instead of paying it all off, he would pay off an unspecified “percentage” of the national debt as president.

“It depends on how aggressive you want to be,” he said. “I’d rather not be so aggressive. Don’t forget: We have to rebuild the infrastructure of our country. We have to rebuild our military, which is being decimated by bad decisions. We have to do a lot of things.”

LOL!! What a moron. I don’t know who’s stupider, him for saying such a dumb thing, or his legion of sycophants for believing it!! Ironically, I tried to find some tweets of his supporters pushing his idea, and couldn’t find any – maybe they actually KNOW he’s lying to them and they don’t care?

Anyway, it looks like Trump might have actually gotten it through his stupid-thick skull after Bill O’Reilly berated him on it, and when his “Morning Joe” fan club begged him to explain it. 

He just rambled on incoherently to the Examiner about it, as he does with everything else:

“We have to reduce our debt, and the best thing we have going now is that interest rates are so low that lots of good things can be done that aren’t being done, amazingly,” he said.

Trump also suggested that a big part of the answer to the debt is how it’s financed.

“First of all, with low interest rates, you can think in terms of refinancing, and get it down,” he said. “I believe you can do certain things to pay off the debt more quickly. The most important thing is to make sure the economy stays strong. You can do it in smaller chunks. You can do it in larger chunks. And you can do it in refinancings.”

The national debt is at more than 100% of our annual GDP. It’s also about SIX TIMES as much as our yearly federal budget, which tosses another trillion on the pile every year. He would have to cut TWO TRILLION from the budget, which is almost a tenth of the entire economy of the United States, just to get the debt down by $8 trillion. In other words, either the Donald is a complete idiot and a liar, or he can’t do math.

My money is on both.

Here’s what he said before:

In early April, Trump told the Washington Post that he intended to reduce the country’s rapidly climbing national debt by $2 trillion each year through the “power of trade.”

The billionaire’s projection, which he made during an interview with veteran reporter Bob Woodward, was featured in a Post article titled, “Trump’s nonsensical claim he can eliminate $19 trillion in debt in eight years.”


Now we wait for the next flip flop. We should start a betting pool. What do you think he’ll flip on next?

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  • will_ford

    sooper you are a DICK.

  • AlecJ

    Trump is a professional con man. He has no real skills and is of average intelligence. In fact, his intellectual incuriousness and laziness continue to actually, make him look a bit dumb. Donald is very uninformed on topics he should be at least minimally versed in, as a Presidential candidate.

    He continually says things that are factually inaccurate, sometimes knowing, sometimes without knowing…..but pathological liars do not care about facts, so it doesnt cross his mind that he may be misleading people.

    As a lifelong huckster, his job has been to get wealthy off the weakness, and failings of others. Whether its making money from a deal by withholding information, bullying someone, or using the govt stick…..or whether its selling garbage products whose profit margin comes from the mere branding of his last name.

    What has Trump ever done for anyone that didnt include a kickback or benefit for him, in the end?


    Dont get me wrong. Generally, making money with no motive to help anyone else is perfectly fine……unless you are using it as the resume filler on your run for President.

    His worshippers claim he would “get things done” and “says it like it is”. Both are marginally true but in ways that are so obfuscated and opaque by his having taken every possible side of all arguments and sticking his tiny hands in every imaginable income scheme, data and perspective become worthless.

    Truthfully, most of the things Trump has gotten “done”….are just that….doooooone. KAPUT! You know, like…..”the dishes are dooooooooone, man”*

    Trump steaks? Trump airlines? Trump vodka? Trump university? Trump mortgage? Trump magazine? Trump casino? Trump the game? Trump network?

    All dead. All failures. All Donald’s handiwork and business instincts.

    In fact, the only thing Donald built that hasnt totally failed, been sold off, or bankrupt…. is his name.

    Most of the buildings in the world with Donnie’s name on them have no actual connection to the man. He sells his name like a Kardashian, and like Kanye’s famous spouse, owes whatever millions he now has, to a public image that is built on the superficial……on media attention.

    Considering the empire Kim has built for herself…. with much less than Donnie’s dad handed him, maybe Kim should be running for President. Hey, her business success rate is far higher than Donald’s, and as far as i know, she hasnt bilked billions from investors and “used” the bankruptcy system to protect her own wealth while others lost everything. She never used junk bonds to finance a crater leaving, endeavor, either…..so she’s got that going for her….which is….nice.

    Yes, Donald is so bad, i can make a case that Kim Kardashian is more qualified to be President.

    As for why some people want to hand the reigns of power to a mental pipsqueak….why does England still have a monarchy? Donald Trump might as well be a royal ruler. An empty suit given a national leadership position based on nothing but inherited money and an inherited name.

    So yeah, Donald has finally figured out, at the age of 70, that he doesnt have the skills to sell anything tangible. It just so happens, running for President as a progressive populist is exactly like selling your name. Nothing backed by nothing, built on a mountain of PR.

    It doesnt matter what that name has ACTUALLY meant to investors, wives, businesses, or products…..what matters is whether or not you can tell the right set of lies to separate people from their money….or in this case….their vote.

    Its sad and exactly what happens when the citizens become uneducated, uninformed, emotionally driven, and addicted to pop culture…..in other words….perpetually 13 years old.

    You dont want to be like your parents, you want to be like the super cool guy at school because he tells rad stories, has a cool car, and a girlfriend.

    Later you will realize he was a douche…..

    He is a douche, America.

    Dont buy the lie.


    *required 90’s movie reference- “Dont Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead” – 1991 a Christina Applegate joint.