Ted Cruz Graciously And Logically SHOOTS DOWN Trump Supporter’s ‘Rigged’ Accusations

The Teddinator showed once again that he’s the king of debate as an angry Trumpgendered woman accosted him on the campaign trail and spouted off all the Trump talking points she could as incoherently as possible.

He patiently, graciously, and rationally explained to her that she’s full of it:

This is exactly why the Donald is scared witless of debating the TedNado one-on-one.

He wouldn’t be able to attack someone else as a way to avoid being shot down by the superior intelligence of the consistent Constitutionalist Cuban from Canada!!!!

We couldn’t find an extended version with the rest of the conversation – if y’all see it, please let us know!! Thanks!!

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  • Hank Scorpio

    That person is so sure of her talking points yet everything she said was completely wrong. She is the very definition of a low information voter. Maybe she should lay off Breitbart. That stuff will rot your brain.

  • Bodhisattva

    Nice work Senator Cruz.

  • Terry Watts

    Cruz is a gentleman ! He DOES NOT bully, call names and YELL to get his point across..Thats WHY trump is so SCARED to debate him one on one !! He will show people what he really is ! A DEMOCRAT !

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