Trump Supporters Are LOVING This Viral Video Made By White Supremacists!!

The Trump-humpers are hopping around and hooting and hollerin’ over an “AWESOME” video made in support of the Donald, but there’s one little problem with it – it’s made by White Supremacists!

One of Trump’s biggest leg-humpers, Wayne Dupree posted it on his website:

trumpinator 01

The video takes scenes from Terminator 2 and splices in the faces of Trump, Cruz and Marco Rubio. But oddly, nobody seems to care that the creator’s name is “Aryan Wisdom.”

trumpinator video white supremacy

And the account links to a website that supports former KKK Democrat David Duke, and White Supremacist hate-site StormFront:

aryan wisdom racism

Great job fellas!!! Nobody seems to care though. They’ve pushed the stats in the video to a quarter of a million views.

Oh look here’s part-time Trump surrogate and full-time dumbass Scottie Nell Hughes publicizing the White Supremacist video:

trumpinator aryan wisdom

LOL!! Her job is literally public relations, and she’s pushing a White Supremacist job for el Trumpo. Amazing.

I mean it’s not like the video is HIDING that they’re racists. It says “Aryan Wisdom” right in the author’s field!!!

These people are morons.

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  • Geoff Aldritch

    Why do you care who made it so much? You’re like a “hall monitor” in an elementary school, pointing out all the rules you’re not allowed to break and whining on your blog about it.

  • Jackie

    Wow! You are desperate!
    Hey Dented Soup Can, try moving on.
    You’ve become foolish, to say the least.

  • Web

    You can’t control who follows you and who doesn’t.
    Everyboy’s doin it, doin it

  • j taylor

    great video.

  • Alabamamom

    Apparently we have some Aryan followers posting.

  • Geoff Aldritch

    So what do you stand for?

  • GOP Soldier✔ Cleveland Bound

    Truth justice and the american way… I believe in a country where republican nominees have to at least be republican

  • Tricornes

    These Trump people are the worst of the worst, toothless brain dead hillbillies.

  • Geoff Aldritch

    I stand for truth, justice, and a nice white country. So we’re not too different.