Ted Cruz Debates Dim-Witted Donald Drone Spouting Childish Slogans

The TedNado got sick of waiting around for the cowardly Trump to debate him, so he took on one of his mindless drones on the campaign trail in Indiana!

Watch below:

Cruz has the better debate, but with zombies who just want to hear screaming and insults, they don’t want to hear reason and logic.

They just want a toupee’d cheeto-faced degenerate spouting the inanities that tickle their simple-minded beliefs.

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  • honestAbesurd

    More people need to see the video of Trump bragging how he could be the republican president because republicans are so stupid. NO THANKS.

  • AlecJ

    100 years of cancerous progressive scheming, has turned the population into uneducated, uninformed, immature, and emotionally spastic children. Even when people are instinctively turned off by the repugnance of the left, they are easily swept up in the same meaningless rhetoric, by an equivalently disgusting charlatan, posing as a populist.

    Whats the difference between Donald’s zombies and North Korean worshippers of their King Fat?

    Degrees of insanity?


  • Scotty B

    It is very disheartening to watch Cruz calmly speak to a Trump supporter who insults him at every pause, soundly refute each of the Trumper’s talking points, and yet know it is likely that Cruz will be rejected by an electorate that is too dumb know good sense when they hear it.

    If the electorate were rational, Cruz would be running away with this. I am afraid we are screwed, and there’s no turning back.

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