Jake Tapper DESTROYS Trump For ‘SHAMEFUL’ Accusation Against Ted Cruz’s FATHER

El Trumpo continues to find lower and stupider depths to sink to, and this one was so bad that Jake Tapper had to take him to task for it at the beginning of his show today.

Watch below:

This was in reference to Trump’s idiotic claim that Cruz’s dad had something to do with the death of JFK. Of course, our news is so fantastically moronic that “Lee Harvey Oswald” has been trending on Twitter all day.

What a pathetic state this election has put a once noble and great country into.

Update: Here’s another video of the critique:

Ted Cruz Graciously And Logically SHOOTS DOWN Trump Supporter’s ‘Rigged’ Accusations

  • Clark Grizwald

    Cruz is a sleaze

  • Cruz just dropped out!

  • Paul Kersey

    And you sir are a moron.

  • Jim Denney

    Kudos to Tapper for defending the truth, but one has to know the audience for the ignorant, tabloid headline chasing, mental insufficients that they are. See “Clark Grizwald” below for a prime example.

  • Jim Denney

    See above, moron.

  • Jm

    How come Cruz doesn’t say it is a false claim and sue Trump? He just diverts the discussion of whether it is true.

  • johnnyrh

    Tapper is irrelevant……as are most of the media establishment.

  • Jim Denney

    On that we can agree, unless the public wakes up, we are toast.

  • Needs moar Cheetos!

  • Dr. Anxiety

    Haven’t been here in awhile. What happened to this site? Good luck with it.

  • Gayle

    Lovin it, Cheese Doodle Soup.
    Good god your so desperate, just like the Establishment, just like children

  • PeopleSuck

    because that would have been a waste of time and money, duh.

  • Jm

    A private citizen, not a public figure like Rafael Cruz can sue for libel and slander that damages his business reputation. Trump is a billionaire so he can pay the judgement entered against him. If it is a false claim Rafael can sue . How is that a waste of time and money, duh?

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  • tick tock

    Trump said Raphael Cruz Sr. was with Oswald in the photo before Kennedy was killed. Trump did not say Cruz helped kill Kennedy. More word twisting.

    That is Cruz Sr. with Oswald in the photo. Cruz Sr. will not be honest about his past, is sketchy about his past, and refuses to answer most questions about his past. What is known is Cruz Sr. abandoned Cruz Jr. and his mother. Cruz Sr. was / is a communist and after Kennedy was killed he fled to Canada. He was working for Zapata Oil in the U.S. then in Canada, owned by the communist crime Bush family…. yes, Jeb and George Bush family. Cruz Sr. is a Dominionist cult preacher.

    The Cruz’s never denied the photo. Cruz Jr. never denied the extra marital affairs.
    They never threatened to sue for slander and libel, and still have not filed a lawsuit.

    Cruz is a New World Order globalist. His wife Heidi helped draft the North American Union plan with her employer Goldman Sachs. George Bush started the North American Union when he was in office, holding private meetings with then Mexico President Fox and then Canada Prime Minister Martin. Cruz was asked for campaign information by the FEC and Cruz told them to get lost.

  • tick tock

    The major media outlets, television, newspapers, magazines…..are owned by six filthy rich people who use the media to influence American people to think and vote a particular way. The media is state propaganda, no different than what the former and current communist countries do.

    They ignore important information and only report what is essential to make people believe one point of view. They lie and cover up.

    The filthy rich owners own our politicians along with the other 1% of the wealthy.

  • tick tock

    Forgot to add in previous post that Cruz Sr. was handing out communist propaganda with Lee Harvey Oswald. The photo came from the Warren Commission. A former girlfriend of Oswald came forward and said that is Cruz Sr. in the photo. Experts have also said that is Cruz Sr. in the photo.