Here’s Why Sean Hannity Is LYING About Giving Equal Time To His BFF Trump And Cruz – It’s Called Math

So unless you’re a complete idiot, if you’ve watched Sean Hannity’s Trump campaign hour on Fox News you’ve noticed that the dim-witted Trump surrogate has a thing for… Donald Trump!! Apparently the idiot has noticed everyone mocking him for it because he made his producer count up all the time they gave each candidate. Also, Sean can’t count past his fingers and toes.

That allowed him to make this claim:

Here’s the link to the summary of the airtime he gave candidates:

From his website:

To put this plainly, there is no conspiracy here to give one candidate more time over another. The candidates have an open invitation to come on the show, and it is their choice to take that offer or ignore it. Here is the breakdown of candidate times on the radio show since they announced through March of this year (limited to the last top 4 candidates):

Texas Senator Ted Cruz: 188:39
Florida Senator Marco Rubio: 141:00
Businessman and Entrepreneur Donald Trump: 112:28
Governor of Ohio John Kasich: 87:52

Notice that’s the number of minutes he gave to each on the radio. His radio show isn’t nearly as influential as his cable television show – but he only gave the number of appearances for the TV show:

Texas Senator Ted Cruz: 34 appearances
Businessman and Entrepreneur Donald Trump: 32 appearances
Governor John Kasich of Ohio: 20 appearances
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul: 20 appearances
Florida Senator Marco Rubio: 19 appearances

They don’t add up the number of minutes for the television show. Or maybe they did and didn’t want to admit what they found!

SOoooo, I hired some cheap Mexican labor (myself) and added up all the minutes from the appearances from Cruz and Trump on Hannity’s Fox News show. I only did it for 6 days, but it was six days during a key week of primary elections, from April 25th to May 2nd.

Here’s what I found – Ted Cruz had one appearance for a total of 37 minutes. Trump had two appearances for a total of 36.5 minutes. Almost the same, right?!?! Amazing!! 

Except Trump was ALSO given an extra 35 minutes for one rally they aired during Hannity’s time slot, and another 11 minutes of time for another rally!! That gives a total of 82.5 minutes of non-stop Trump talk to Cruz’s 37 minutes.


You see, the sleight of hand that Hannity and his producer pulled is that they didn’t add up all the times that Hannity had unabashed Trump-lovers on his show to adore and worship the Donald. I added up all of those as well.

Here are some examples:


Ben Carson, after being called a child molester by Trump, endorsed the cheeto-faced troglodyte, and Cain just loves el Trumpo – this segment was a pure three-way Trump orgy.


Even though Geraldo is a dimwit leftist, he always rips on Ted Cruz and defends the Donald. Johnson Jr. actually compared Trump to Saint Augustine. And Monica Crowley loves the Donald too.  LAURA INGRAHAM

Laura Ingraham, much like Hannity, has disappointed her listeners with her Trump-lovin’ too, and every time she’s on Hannity she spews the most mindless Trump talking points she can sputter out of her mouth. She got two segments of 7 minutes each to bash Cruz.

There were actually a few segments were Hannity WAS fair – he had Cruz supporter David Limbaugh on, for instance. But he would pit him against other Trump fans. SO Trump-humpers would get their own air-time to discuss how wonderful the toupee’d totalitarian is, while Cruz supporters would have to debate a Trump-lover AND Sean Hannity at the same time. One on episode, nearly the entire show was actually fair and balanced between supporters – but it was a split-screen with footage from a rally awaiting Trump’s arrival. Once he got there, the rest of the show went to Trump’s bloviating for 11 minutes, about a quarter of the show. 

Here’s what I found from just counting up the minutes in 6 days of Hannity’s grab-ankle lovefest for the Donald:

  • Trump, Trump rallies or Trump supporters: 172.5 minutes.

  • Cruz or Cruz supporters: 48 minutes.

  • Fair, balanced, or mixed support segments: 50 minutes.

And I’m being generous here. For instance, Bill Hemmer will do analysis of the primary map where they’re just laying out how Trump can win – I counted this as a mixed segment even though most of it is Trump cheerleading.

So there you have it – Trump, his rallies and his supporters get more than 3 times as much airtime on Sean Hannity’s show for just the six days I could stand to put myself through. And in ALL of those days, I didn’t see one segment where two or three Cruz supporters were allowed to discuss his campaign the way that two or three Trump supporters were allowed to do it. Except for when Cruz himself was speaking.

I’ll make my spreadsheet available for anyone who asks me, at @SooperMexican.

Please do bombard the dim-witted buffoon that he’s lying when he says he gave the candidates equal airtime. You can find the moron at @SeanHannity!!

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  • Jabotinsky

    Don’t forget: at least two of Cruz’s one hour Hannity appearances were dumped on Fridays at 10pm, while Trump always got the best slots before votes. There may be more than two occasions but I couldn’t stomach watching Hannity anymore.

  • Red Eye Robot

    You omitted mentioning Hannity’s sooper secret ultra high frequency subliminal message technology that bathes the viewer in wave upon wave of pro trump propaganda rendering the viewer helpless and unable to resist Trumps message and leaving them with an insatiable craving for a Taco bowl from the Trump Tower Grill.

  • Scott

    What pisses me off worse than them humping trumps leg is the fact that they try to say they are unbiased and not endorsing anyone. Grow a set and put your $ behind your principals and tell us who you want. I’d lie Sean more if he would have said from the start that he is endorsing trump. Now I have no use for him or the rest of them that tried to hide behind supposedly conservative journalism credentials to stump for DT while steadily sticking a knife in the back of Cruz and the others. That is why I have respect for people like Beck and Sooper, they were up front on who they endorsed but we’re also honest enough to call out their candidate when they said something stupid.

  • jane dough

    Absolutely hilarious! I listened to the segment with the fair and balanced producer, linda giving this info and was laughing so hard, really???? did hannity think the cruz supporters did not know he was dishing out a pile of BS? Hannity is a liar just like his bud trump.

  • Lenny Ghoul

    The sad part is that’s JUST Hannity’s one show. When you get into Fox and Friends it’s not even remotely close. Fox and Friends has had either Trump or one of his family member or campaign people call in or in person every single day since he threw his hat in the ring. Every. Single. Day. It also doesn’t cover all the other shows the feature him daily in some fashion like Greta or Oreily, even Megyn Kelly and Bret Baeir end up talk about him most of the time(just not as exuberantly) . There was a very long stretch( a few weeks) where Eric Bolling would fill in for O’reily for a few days and the entire hour was dedicated to Trump. Then you had the Non stop coverage of every single rally he ever held as breaking news. You have every single show talking about him more then any other topic. Fucking Prince Died, and they spent about 20 minutes on that and the rest of the Time on Donald Trump. There were many major news stories this past year, terrorist attacks, shootings, Famous people deaths, all preempted for Trump. Even During the airport/subway attack in Belgium they brought in Trump and Trump supporters to explain how they would deal with it had he been in office. IT’s a total Cult over there. OH I almost forgot about the weekend crew! Yes even the weekend crew, is mostly talking about trump all day all night. You get a small break with Gutfeld Show and Red Eye, but even they have been talking about Trump a lot more lately. You would think nothing else has every happened in the world over the past year except Trump if you only watched FOX.

    It’s totally clear to anyone who watches the Fox news IS the Donald Trump Super Pac.

  • Lenny Ghoul

    Hannity has now finally admitted on Twitter that he is In fact, endorsing Trump. Not that it makes it any better or that anyone is surprised, but at least he came out of the closet about it.

  • zlittle

    You may have missed something amigo. At the NYC event, 4/14, Cruz’s mic and audio dropped out at exactly-wait for it- the very moment programing turned from Kelly to Hannity. I don’t know how long it was but sound was fine for Kelly and disappeared as soon as the takeover (literally) happened.

  • Hans Pfall

    Cry me a river, Sooper.

    Trump 2016

  • thebigguy128

    I wonder if he’ll come out of the closet about anything else concerning the Sean/Donald love fest? Perhaps the National Enquirer should investigate.

  • mackykam

    SORRY, that was no leg humping. It was unabashed suckoff-ing. Stand-ins for Melania.

  • I briefly caught a few minutes on the drive home. He says that during interviews with Cruz, he lets him talk and doesn’t correct “false claims he makes about Trump” and he lets Trump talk and doesn’t stop attacks on Cruz. Can you spot the horrible, unabashed bias in that? He is so tingly up his leg for the bombastic billionaire, that he can’t see his own bias. sad. I used to enjoy Hannity.

  • And of course, whenever they had any other candidates on, the questions were always about Trump.


    Don’t tweet the a-hole. Stop watching and listening. He’ll get the message. Albeit, too late.

  • @bradoplata

    Heh, there’s a reason cnn is starting to kick their ass.

  • John J Holliday

    Get over this, Soop. It’s a done deal now

  • Stagester

    They are reaping what they sowed. Now in 2nd place to CNN and wouldn’t surprise me if they fell all the way to MSLSD levels.

  • Skippykite

    I agree with you but in my opinion endorsing now is worse. Why endorse now when there is only one guy left in the field? You endorse someone when you still have a choice, to show who best represents you/your values. Hannity can now endorse because he feels safe to do so… but he should have just come out long ago and said what everybody already knew. I’d really like to see the numbers on his radio and tv show to see if he is being affected.

  • Skippykite

    And if I remember correctly the Cruz campaign said they would not appear on Hannity anymore, sometime last month because everytime Ted was on he was having to defend against various spurious and outlandish claims made by Trump. So they said that going on Hannity wasn’t fruitful because they spent the first half debating Trump Talking Points. I guess Hannity made nice with the Cruz campaign and so Ted did do a couple more shows. I seem to recall that Hannity lessened the Trump talking points session but didn’t do away with it completely.

  • this doesn’t even mention that when Sean Hannity did interview Cruz at a townhall or interview on radio, etc. 1/2 the time was spent asking Cruz about Trump stuff or asking Cruz to defend the STATE RULES ON DELEGATES. hannity spent 3 weeks whining constantly (echoing trump bellyaching) about rules, delegates, how the peoples “votes should count”, etc. I stopped watching him or listening to his radio. That is saying something cuz i’ve watched/listened loyally for countless years. NO MORE!

  • Amen to that!

  • to be fair many times he has let both talk about the others w/o interrupting …. that is the only positive thing i could say about hannitys behavior in all this. but so much of Cruz interviews were questions to Cruz about trump or the “rules” or the fairness about the delegate process. pissed me off! he was essentially saying to Cruz that he, hannity agreed with trump that is was a corrupt process. hannity didn’t mention that trump more than any candidate benefited by the “rules” when he won the winner take all or much more % of delegates than he got in votes. especially when there were more candidates still in the race.

  • AlecJ

    Thanks Sooper, this info needed to be calculated and i didnt have the stomach for doing it.

    Hannity makes me ill.

  • disqus_XiPHq3JlXk

    Sean Hannity sold out his principles for ‘celebrity’, and is a whiny jerk …because no one wants what he’s peddling.

  • Fox Airing Trump rallies live drove me nuts!

  • Delaney Coffer

    How much is StuporMexican being paid to do this? Is it an amount equal to the worth of his anonymous integrity, or a little bit more?

  • Brahman

    When a prime, well-bred horse wins the Kentucky Derby, that horse gets more time in the news cycle. The stations don’t give equal time to the losing horse. Capiche?

  • Linda League

    Hannity is simply a fraud along with other so called conservatives supporting Trump. No way an actual conservative could support that life long liberal.

  • Johnny Monday


  • Scotty B

    Sean used to just bore me to tears. Here is 95% of his radio show in nut shell:

    SH pontificates about the topic of the moment for 5 minutes
    SH takes a call, announcing the name of the caller and the call letters of the radio station they are listening to
    Caller thanks SH for taking the call
    Caller calls SH a Great American
    SH calls the caller a Great American
    Caller gets 30-45 seconds to parrot back what SH was saying less than 2 minutes ago
    SH disconnects the caller, thanks them for calling, and rehashes what the caller just said for the next 2 minutes
    SH tries to sell something

    repeat about 40 times per show

    Now, Hannity both disappoints and infuriates me. He has sold his soul.

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