Crazy Palin Will Help Defeat Paul Ryan Because He Won’t Support Cheeto-Faced Toupee Topped Moron

Ugh. Crazy Palin continues to make us regret we ever supported her this morning as she castigated Paul Ryan for daring to stand up to her cheeto-faced emperor Donald Trump.

Watch below:

Palin says Ryan’s political career is over and that he must have resisted the Donald because “it screws” his opportunity to run for president himself in 2020. She can’t possibly believe that anyone would have a principled stand against Democrat Donald.

It’s bad enough that these moron Trump supporters demand we join the borg, but it sure is painful to have to hear this harpy shriek out, “resistance is futile!” in hers folksy nails-on-chalkboard voice.

She turned on Ted Cruz so quickly and viciously it was clear that she did it purely because el Trumpo brought her onto the campaign – probably because he made empty promises that she might be HIS VP too. I was disgusted. And yet she still defends McCain despite her current gimp-master completely insulting him. She’s only in this thing out of pure political self-interest.

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  • Magwheelz

    I don’t think it’s just about supporting Trump or not. Have you not seen Ryan’s Conservative Scorecards at Heritage etc? Then his ignoring or even caving in to Obama and his policies and going around Congress.

  • Sagebrush Rebel

    Sooper dupe

  • tick tock

    Paul Ryan sold out America. Ryan is not a conservstive, by the definition being used in politics. Ryan said that his concern is not for American citizens but for illegal foreigners who come to America. Ryan and other so called conservatives have given Obama everything Obama wanted with no resistance. Ryan and the so called conservatives are for the TPP trade deal which will destroy American sovereignty and destroy the Constitution and pave the way for the North American Union. Not only that the TPP guts almost all jobs for Americans. This is how they are trying to get communism to take over.

    Ryan and the so called conservatives are New World Order globalists. Ryan is married to a hard core communist Democrat. Ryan tells Americans to deal with the way things are, like Common Core and catering to illegals and Muslims, etc., yet sends his kids to a private Catholic private school that screens out illegals and Muslims and does not use Common Core.

    Palin is helping to remove Ryan because Ryan is a closet liberal fascist communist progressive (more like regressive) pretending to have “conservative” values and beliefs. Ryan and his ilk, like Lindsay Graham, Romney, Mitch McConnell, etc are all closet communists in the pockets of the oligarchs who want to destroy America. George Soros leads the way.

    If you have ever wondered why food prices always rise, thank George Soros.