Scumbag Liar Sean Hannity Spreads False SMEAR To Idiot Fans Even After He’s Corrected

Here’s another example of how scumbag fake conservatives are lying to their equally dim-witted fans in order to push their pathetic false “movement.”

There’s a story going out about Cruz donors now sending millions to Hillary.

Pretty juicy!! It’s also a lie. All you had to know it was a lie is that it was posted at Gateway Pundit, an excellent source of scumbag lies.

So of course, Sean Hannity tweets it out to his idiot fans:

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 10.33.43 PM

Here’s why it’s false. Scumbag Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit doesn’t include this very important clarification from the original source:

CLARIFICATION: This story has been updated to reflect the fact that not all donations made by employees of Renaissance Technologies were made by its founder, James Simons.

That means NOT all of the donations given to Hillary are from the SAME GUY who gave to Ted Cruz. That makes the headline at Gateway Pundit a complete lie. But he doesn’t care because he makes money from his moron readers.

Like Sean Hannity.

Who, was actually corrected by the very honest and decent gringo at the Right Scoop*:

Here’s scumbag liar Sean Hannity’s response:

Thanks for the correction, asshole! Oh wait, you didn’t delete the original tweet, so all your idiot, troglodyte, moron followers will keep pushing the LIE.

Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if that asshole pushed the story out on his radio show tomorrow. And on his cable show. It wouldn’t be the first time Fox News put up a false story from the scum that floats over at the sewer of the Gateway Pundit.

As of time of publishing, the tweet of the lying scumbag post has 172 retweets and 239 likes.

And that, in a nutshell, is why we have the emperor of scumbags, Donald Trump seizing the Republican party.

Here’s another lie I caught Sean Hannity telling his gullible followers. No correction there either.

*full disclosure – el Scoopo pays me to write at his blog, and to compliment him profusely at my blog.
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  • Mu Shi Christensen

    Hannity has become an embarrassment to himself and a joke to non-Trumpidians.

  • KC

    In playing this “ALL Game”, how much or what is the amount of “ALL” his donations (plus other donors) , before you make assumptions? The statement is “Cruz and Bush donor*s* meaning more than one. Considering the Gateway post was 2 1/2 hours after the original post the “update” would have had to been in that time frame for that scumbag to notice. However there is NO time stamp on the update. Granted Hannity should have check the sources.

  • archerb

    I stopped watching Hannity years ago for this very reason. He sits on his show and repeats debunked talking points. He actually just makes us look stupid.

  • SwampCritter

    I suspect that Trump gives Sean Hannity a tingle up his leg.

  • Sigh

    waa waaaaaa waaaa

  • attguy98

    I can’t believe the number of pundits that continuously label anybody that backs Trump as not “true” conservatives. (Especially Hannity! Hello?) As the weeks go by, and as the endorsements rack up, you will be able to fit all the remaining “true” conservatives in an (anachronistic) phone booth. At this point, I would willing to label anybody that wants to see the network of Prog/Marxist/Islamists out of the White House and the federal government as conservative. And Trump will do that because the reality TV star and Trump brand will win that electoral battle. Of course “true” conservatives agree with many of the positions of Cruz, Rubio, Carson, et al, but the chances of any of them winning the general election are pipe dreams. And besides, the point is moot now! #LGBT! (Let’s Get Behind Trump!) Trump now has more influential and tested “conservative” endorsements than any other candidate. (Giuliani, VDH, Cheney, Gaffney, Schafly, Bolton, etc… I could go on and on and on) They are going with the strong horse.

  • Schmierr Nippel

    Hannity is a sycophant tw@t

  • Tracy

    You are lying to yourself if you think Trump will do anything other than make deals with democrats and buckle under to PC because he really believes it. This non PC stuff is for the marks.

  • Tracy

    I’ve been done with Hannity even before he became the lead Trump cheerleader

  • Brian Bertha

    Just go the word that Sean Hannity is a troubled Tranny

  • Brian Bertha

    Oh what thats Sean is having trouble with his Tranny

  • Brian Bertha

    In his car

  • Eileen K Jackson

    Strong horse by weak riders does not make him the right horse!

  • Eileen K Jackson

    He should have apologized and “ON AIR”

  • @bradoplata

    Quit watching Hannity and Orielly years ago when they started having Sharpton on.

  • Janice Archer Weaver

    Like Obama does MS Nobody But Clinton’s Chris Matthews.

  • AlecJ

    Its values that make a conservative, nothing else.

    When you can support someone who is for single payer health care, raising taxes, price controls, high tariffs, printing money to pay debt, planned parenthood, an assault weapons ban, eminent domain, and touchback amnesty…to name a few—
    you are not a conservative.

    Its not conservative to cherry pick past instances of supporting something conservative. What do you support today? Who do you support today? What is the some total of your beliefs centered around? Are you basing everything on the Constitution?

    Thomas Sowell is the greatest conservative mind on the planet. I suggest you listen to him, not charlatans looking for tv ratings, book sales, or rejuvenated political careers.

    Also, who supports you means nothing. Politics is corrupt. Donald pays people off, and some people are quick to sell out.

    The truth about a lot of phonies is now known.

    Destroying the meaning of the word “conservative” by polluting it with delusion and burying it under the unintelligible, is the real goal of scumbags on the left, like Donald.

    You are merely doing his dirty work.

    If it means that much to you….fine, take the word…..its becoming just as meaningless as every other one that comes out Donalds mouth.


  • kayerob

    His ratings are up 35%

  • subjeffrey

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  • Dr. Anxiety

    “Conservatives” on this site and others have become an embarrassment to themselves and other non-Trumpidians.

  • Dr. Anxiety

    Like “conservatives” on this site loves’em some Rachel Maddow

  • Dr. Anxiety

    “Its values that make a conservative, nothing else.” – You and others here at this site have demonstrated you have undesirable values to true Americans. The way you cry like babies is embarrassing. Go Vote Democrat.

  • Dr. Anxiety

    People like you and Mittens Romney make us Americans look stupid. Like Japanese soldiers lost in the Pacific still fighting WWII. We’ve moved on.

  • LOL!! But Trump isn’t an embarrassment, right? I love how you morons have higher moral standards for random people on the internet than you do for your presidential candidate! LOL!!

  • Dr. Anxiety

    Wow. What happened to you, man?

  • I’m the same guy I’ve always been. It’s fake “conservatives” who have embraced a progressive that have revealed who they are.

  • Dr. Anxiety

    Umkay. Go USA!!

  • Nameless Incognito

    I’m guessing the silver lining here, is that Trump and his a$$-ki$$ers like Hannity and Hoft recognize that Cruz, who continues to garner delegates, is still a threat to Trump wrapping his degenerate campaign all up in a nice, tidy bow, and so they have to continue dredging the bottom of the $#!+ barrel to try and tarnish the finest constitutional conservative we’ve had in a generation to run for president.

  • tick tock

    The fake conservatives are the ones who oppose Trump. The fake conservatives are the ones who want Clinton in the White Hous. The fake conservatives are saying they are the real conservatives when their actions and voting record say otherwise. The Republican politicians who oppose Trump are not true conservatives. Look at their voting record, the bills they write and the bills they support. The fake conservative politicians have bent over for Obama while simultaneously licked his boots and azz. They have not once tried to stop Obama and his treason.

    The Democrats and Republicans are really one party, the Uniparty, controlled by the elite oligarchs. They are all New World Order globalists and are not far from destroying the U.S.A. The West stands in their way. George Soros is the ring leader.

    Educate yourselves instead of spewing nonsense.