Lyin’ Katie Couric Caught Deceptively Editing Video To Make Gun Owners Look Stupid

Thanks to Steve Gutowksi at the Free Beacon, Katie Couric has been caught stupid-handed deliberately editing video to make gun rights defenders look dumb for the sake of her gun grabbing “documentary.”

Here’s how the deceptively edited video ended up in their documentary:

Notice how there’s a stunned silence as the gun defenders just look on in shock, as if they can’t answer the question.

But that’s all complete load of Katie Couric… excuse me, that’s a typo, I meant BS.

The Free Beacon has audio of the interview that shows they were perfectly capable of answering her question, and did so for about four minutes:

They edited it so that Couric looks like a brilliant liberal who just gotcha’d these dumb gun owners – nothing of the sort happened. It’s just lying liberals editing reality because they can’t win the gun debate openly and honestly. Pretty pathetic huh?

There’s a lot of people calling for Katie Couric to be fired, and I think every honest person should add their voices to that loud call:

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  • Mark Steele

    She’s a fool.

  • Yupthatsme

    Hahaha, 3 stories…no anti trump!
    Your comin around Cambell

    Trump 2016

  • Grant Naylor

    Yeah, we’re going to pass on that, considering that Trumpie is a annoying ass-hat.

    But, hey…stroke your ego in knowing you’re voting for a Orange Toned Ass-Hat…

    BTW, TRump is a Ass-Hat… :o)


  • tick tock

    Katie Couric supports Clinton. These liberal-progressive-fascist-communist-totalitarians like Clinton, Couric, Zuckerberg, etc (all elites) have armed bodyguards and walks around their isolated mansions with mega security.

    Commie POS Hypocrites. Opposing Trump puts these idiot commies in power and the U.S. falls.