Another Trump Spokes-Moron FREAKS OUT When Asked A Simple Question

Trump’s National Co-Chair Sam Clovis had all 5 chins quaking with fury when Ashleigh Banfield dared to call him on Trump’s obvious hypocrisy in the case of Bill Clinton’s sexual harassment accusers.

Check it out:

When a Trump-hole gets caught dodging a question, they go through a predictable pattern. They yell and shout like children that they’re not being allowed to answer a question while trying to dodge the question. You can set your watch to it:

They better get used to this treatment because the press gave Trump and his legion of spokes-morons a free pass, but now that he’s hit 1,237 delegates, they’re going to get bombarded with each and every hypocrisy they can find. And there’s a lot there.

Sadly, Trump spokes-idiots make even CNN hosts look smart.

  • fandango warrior

    As I sit here reading your latest Trump smear I can’t believe I use to like your work. Soon the backlash from all of Trump hating will render your career obsolete and disposed of in the dust bin of history.

  • Dan Murphey

    Truth hurts fandango

  • tick tock

    CNN = Clinton Communist (Faux) News Network.

    It is sad to see so many people that want this country to fall to communism. The stupidity and ignorance is mind boggling. All one has to do is look at Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, China, former Soviet Bloc, North Korea, Mexico, etc.

    Opposing Trump is wanting communism.

  • Will

    Opposing communism is wanting communism.

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