Trump Spox Has No Idea What ‘3 Inch Fish’ That Trump Is Talking About

You just gotta watch this.


This is what they were talking about – the Donald believes there isn’t a drought at all in California:

What the hell, why not?!?

Shoot me. Shoot me now.

  • BillPasadena

    Isn’t tRump making the right-wing argument that political leadership in California is diverting water for the Delta Smelt at the expense of farmers?

  • Delaney Coffer

    The assclown who writes this insipid drivel is now an expert on fish. I wonder how much the assclown got paid.

  • terrisarten

    Typical idiotic conflation of partisan talking points balled up into Trumpspeak bullshit. The drought is because he haven’t had rain levels for 4 years at the necessary levels. We have had a pretty good year so far, so that is one thing. But we also do not have enough storage, so yes, water is rolling down with no where to be stored. That could be fixed, but we have gridlock in our state assembly. Everyone is so caught up in fighting that they can’t get things done.

    Gov Brown was not terrible in dealing with making sure that farmers didn’t get the worse of the rationing. In fact, you can see he took some heat from his ultra-liberal silicon valley dopes who wanted more water for their interests. But Brown is just another partisan hack that made California more unstable in general.

    There is also this issue with the Colorado River, but that is too complicated to even try to understand, much less make a Trump soundbite.

    California is in a hellhole. And you want to know why we won’t get out? Because we are likely not to have another Republican governor her for another 50-100 years. For the last 100 or so years, we had 75+ years of Republican governors to balance out the crazy liberal assembly. Now, thanks to idiot Arnold S. we will likely not have another.

    So if you want to see what Trump will do to the country, look at California. The people asked for a king and they got the entertainer. That’s just one of the many things that will happen under a Trump presidency.

  • thekytikat

    As much as this kills me to say, there is a small kernel of truth in what trump said. The protections that have been put in place to protect the Delta Smelt have been killing farmers & Napa Valley for over four years. But no, they are not pushing the water back out to sea. Yes there is a drought. The drought is severe enough that it is wiping out the Delta Smelt. LOL, the irony.

  • Yes. And that’s true. That doesn’t mean there’s no drought.

  • I’m from California!! I know all this stuff. But that doesn’t mean there’s no drought, and it doesn’t excuse his idiot spokesperson from not knowing what he said nearly 24 hours later.

  • I really love your comments. Keep it upt!! lol

  • thekytikat

    I forgot you were from Cali!! I had a blonde moment. LOL. DERP me. 🙂