Trump LOSES IT In Interview With Jake Tapper Over Judge’s ethnicity!!

Trump threw a really weird and erratic tantrum in an interview with Jake Tapper where he kept defending his kinda racist claim that the ethnicity of a judge was preventing him from being fair to the Donald.

Watch the amazingness below:

That is just awesome. He can’t complete a sentence and just keeps falling back on his polling and irrational claims about Latinos loving him. But if Latinos love him so much, then why is he saying they can’t be fair to him in the courtroom? LOL!

  • SooperTejano

    Hola paisano,

    Just when I was starting to warm up to that pendejo Trump he goes and pulls this chingadera. My family and I have been Republicans from as far back as I can remember. We’re deeply patriotic and have fought for this country’s freedom in most of the major conflicts. It doesn’t matter that we’re multi-generational Tejanos. To pendejo Trump we’re just another wetback beaner. As much as I dislike that bruja Hillary, I just can’t vote for a culero that wants to send us back to that hellhole of a country called Mexico that my family fought to get away from 180 years ago.

  • Isn’t it sad? People want to think Hispanics just can’t be conservative – they used to be liberals, now people on the right are saying it. Makes me ashamed of the party.