The BROMANCE Is OVER!!! Trump Calls It Quits With Long-Time Life Partner Joe Scarborough!!

OH NO!!! The political world is reeling after finding out today that long-time bro-partners Donald Trump and Joe Scarborough have called it quits!!!

Here’s how the Donald made the dramatic announcement:

BOOM!!! This is such a shame. Just a few weeks back the lovebirds could be seen on Morning Joe smiling and laughing at each other – the romantic tension could be cut with a knife!!! And now it’s all over.

According to the Washington Examiner, it was that hussy Mika Brzezinski who came between the dream couple!!!

Several minutes before Trump’s tweet, Brzezinski praised likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for a speech she delivered Thursday in which she trashed Trump as an unsteady figure unfit to lead the country’s military and protect its interests abroad.

“I will tell you when I watched that speech, I sat up straight and I listened to every word,” Brzezinski said on the show. “I thought that was incredible. It totally resonated. No one has been able to do this. Everything she said cut. Everything she said was true. Everything she said completely resonated. It was the most devastating attack on Donald Trump that we have seen so far.”

My sources tell me that the registry for the Trump-Scarborough wedding has been taken down at the popular D.C. store “Douchebags-Are-Us.” SAD!!!

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  • terrisarten

    It was a love triangle that was doomed from the beginning. They weren’t right for each other. When Donald left the tribe, he kept his core beliefs intact but he was always cheating with some of those righties. Scarborough just must move on.

  • Mother124

    Small audience, low ratings? then why was he calling in all the time?

    Did the super-smart DJT just discover that?

  • Delaney Coffer

    So now you’re reduced to calling Trump a faggot? Heroic. Never have so many sharks been jumped by a single frustrated midget.

  • Iben Pissedoff

    Nothing hurts Trump, nothing