MEXCLUSIVE!! Fox News Anchor Is A Member Of The SAME LA RAZA Group As Trump U. JUDGE!!

I have discovered the most unbelievable fact that will utterly blow all the neurons in your brain through your nostrils!!

This is a Mexclusive, so don’t be stealing my scoop without giving el Sooper the proper credit!!

I can reveal that Fox News has been harboring a LA RAZA member on one of their prime time shows – as a MAJOR HOST who regularly comments on Trump stories!! It’s unbelievable!! It’s like Fox News is a “sanctuary city” for sooper-racist La Raza extremists who eat white caucasian blood at night!! I mean the caucasians are white, not their blood, that would be weird.

If you guessed that it’s the lovely and brilliant Dana Perino, wow what a dumb guess, not only is she not a lawyer but she’s not even Hispanic, what’s wrong with you?!


[dramatic pause]

Look at her!! LOOOOK AT HER!!!


She’s probably planning her next racist attack on poor innocent gringos in that hot, hot picture.

I know she’s a La Raza lawyer’s Association Member because she SAID SO on “the Five” a few months back, and said that they really helped her out, and they weren’t racist at all. But Trump-humpers online know better, I’m sure. There’s also a bio of her online from 2008 where her membership is documented. 

UPDATE: Thanks to @FNC_Ladies_Rule, here’s the transcript of her comments from Fox News:

PERINO: Kimberly, this is from Fred K. Do you have any advice for a minority criminal justice major who just graduated?

GUILFOYLE: Follow my lead.

PERINO: There you go. Read your book.

BOLLING: “Make the Case.

GUTFELD: “Make the Case.”

GUILFOYLE: Here’s what I’d say they should do. So get involved with some of the groups, like I was with La Raza legal association. There’s a lot of mentoring groups that help people get connected with internships and things like that. That is very important, because you want to kind of have some experience to be able to get a job going forward.

GUTFELD: Did you say La Raza?

BOLLING: Yes, La Raza?

GUTFELD: Did you say La Raza? L-A — I mean, R-A-Z-A?

GUILFOYLE: Yes. That’s what the legal…

GUTFELD: But aren’t they hardcore left-wing?

GUILFOYLE: But there are also different law-school groups that actually help minorities in law schools to get ahead.

GUTFELD: All right.

PERINO: I’m with you.

So here’s the story, as the cheeto-faced toupee-topped totalitarian likes to say, there is a HUGE difference between the politically active “La Raza Student Association” and the “La Raza Lawyer’s Association.” But they both are Hispanics’ groups with that tag, so people are purposely, and stupidly, conflating them.

If Trump people really believe that any group with “La Raza” in its name is as bad as the KKK, as so often said on social media, then why aren’t they outraged at Kimberly Guilfoyle being employed at Fox?

Oh by the way, Guilfoyle loves Trump and defends him at every instance. Maybe it’s all a conspiracy or something.

I’m sure the Trump-humping morons who are yelling “La Raaaazzzzaaa!” on social media will turn their pitchfork and torch brigade and chase down Kimberly too, right? Because it’s a “racist” group and they’re all evil people who are as bad as the KKK?

Well I STAND with Kimberly Guilfoyle, former underwear model and proud La Raza Lawyer’s Association member.

  • JeromeFJ

    Great set of fun bags.

  • Jo Lissa

    She was also married to Gavin Newson complete douche bag.

  • Fox News Fan

    Of course this story got removed from

    http://johnnydollar.us/20160606/monday-links-and-open-thread-55/ Some can’t handle THE TRUTH!

  • Siegel Clyne

    Great counter argument.

  • Koch Brother Shill

    This article isn’t remotely funny. Neither is the fact that conservatives don’t want to face: if Trump isn’t elected and Hillary Clinton gives citizenship to 12 million Mexicans and does nothing to slow Mexican illegal immigration, there is zero chance anything close to what we would call a conservative will win a national election ever again. It won’t be long before Texas starts voting blue looking at demographic trends and when that day comes, it’s over for constitutionalists. Good luck winning a national election without Texas, California, or New York. And have fun with the handful of liberal judges Hillary could appoint.

    But who cares, right? I’d rather have no nation than be called a racist!

  • terrisarten

    That’s what happens with Alinsky tactics of vilifying a perfectly legitimate group for self-interest. Now Gillfoyle has to go on defense. And she is a Trump ally. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

  • Richard Saunders

    When did Puerto Ricans become Mexicans? The entire notion of La Raza is moronic. There is no Mexican race. There is no Latino race. There is no such thing as a Latino culture. What is Latin America? A group of countries in the New World that got colonized by non-English speaking white people from Europe. The notion that your ancestors descending from Spanish colonizers instead of the English, Germans, Dutch and the French colonizers makes you somehow exclusively different in terms of race is bloody stupid.

  • Richard Saunders

    That is the dumbest thing I have ever read.

    If every presidential election conservative Republicans can’t win the whitest parts of the country-New England, the Pacific Northwest, and the upper Midwest–then you have bigger problems than illegals.

    Plus, Republicans continue to win and thrive in the most diverse states in the country.

    And what makes your argument even look more incredibly stupid is the fact that Democrats controlled Congress for over 40 years when the country was mostly white and won landslide presidential elections when the country was mostly white. The US passed the most socialistic programs in the history of the country when the country was mostly white.

    How is it that right now the Republican Party controls more elected seats at the local, state, and federal level in 85 years while the country is at is most diverse?

    Your feelings and hysteria are not facts.

  • DefendAmerica

    I guess a “fuck you” is in order. Curiel IS a racist…a member of HNBA, who just happened to call for the boycott of a white male’s businesses last year. Because he got in their “safe spaces.” Look it up, you sniveling and not funny ass wipe.

  • AnnGepp

    First of all, LaRaza is totally a racist group. Doesn’t it translate as “The Race”? True, they’re not hunting people down, and burning them. No, they’re just burning down the American Constitution via lawsuits and the courts. I think it’s interesting that people who escape one country then try to turn the country they’ve escape TO into the country they escaped FROM. When America becomes just another poor, socialist, totalitarian state, where will they escape to then? Makes no sense to me. All that aside, you, Sooper, are funny!

  • Flayer

    Making the US Mexican Again, I guess. Because theses dumbazzes want the US to be a failed state, like Mexico, which can boast 25% of its citizens have to leave to eat or deal drugs or something.

  • Flayer

    In addition to Judge Curiel’s legal associations does anyone have a problem that his firm donated big and paid Hillary for her brilliant speeches in amounts over $675,000. That alone should warrant a recusal for an ethically-minded judge. But the firm donated BIG to her “charity” AFTER he was selected. Pay-for-play, Hillary’s specialty. Imagine it was the other way around. A judge presiding over one of Hillary’s many legal woes who donated BIG to the GOP and a GOP candidate AFTER (or even before) he was chosen to preside. Think, folks. The fix is in. This isn’t about “race” (because, “Mexican” or “Hispanic” or “Latino” isn’t a race) but about ethics and the appearance of a conflict of interests. Why can’t anyone see that?

  • Kernighan

    There are perhaps a dozen or more organizations which have “La Raza” in their name. The “La Raza” which everybody recognizes is formally called “National Council of La Raza” Here (wiki):

    The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) (La Raza, or The Race[1]) is the USA’s largest Latino supremacy organization. It is a group that advocates in favor of progressive immigration reform policies, including a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants and reduced deportations.[2][3][4]

    The organization judge Curiel is a member of is called “San Diego La Raza Lawyers” which is a regional lawyers only group, which is part of set of numerous lawyer groups with similar names, all supporting Latino lawyers and law students.

    These two organizations simply are not the same. Both claim they are not radical and so forth, but it’s perfectly true that we are not talking about just one “La Raza”. The one that tends to leftist causes regarding illegal immigration is NCLR. Pretending they are the same looks really foolish.

    That being said, I believe Trump’s attorney has every right to request recusal assuming he can establish specific basis to do it.