Fox News Responds To Our Post About Trump Getting O’Reilly Questions Beforehand, Says He’s LYING

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So… we posted this here and at the Right Scoop yesterday about Trump saying he got fed questions from a “pretty good source” at Fox News before he went on air. He actually said that he prepared for the question because of it!!

Fox News didn’t like the post, so they emailed el Scoopo and gave us this comment:

“We never, ever tell the guests what questions will be asked. Bill O’Reilly is the only person who knows what exactly he’ll ask. We treated this interview like we treat all other guests on the program.”

So what does that mean exactly? Are they saying that Bill O’Reilly might have given Trump the questions?

Or are they just saying Trump is lying?

Please feel free to ask Bill O’Reilly on Twitter and anywhere else to clarify this….

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  • Kyle Lyles

    Bill O’Lying is a leftie that can never be trusted.

  • If there’s any lying going on it’s in the first sentence of this post. Trump never said he got anything from a source “at Fox News.” He said nothing at all about who or where his source is. You were careful to put that outside the quotes, but for those who don’t know that little trick I thought it should be pointed out. It shows you were well aware he didn’t say it and just added it yourself. It’s pretty clear why.

  • You think it was a source at McDonalds or the race track? You don’t call it a source if it’s a random guy on your staff making a guess.

  • Yes, Donald Trump is soooo careful with his phraseology. He’s known for being such a precise wordsmith.

    The question was obvious (it was the lead gotcha item about Trump since his last O’Reilly sit-down). To suggest only a source inside the building would think it would be raised is, at a minimum, peculiar.

    I’ll follow-up on your reply by saying you don’t call it Fox News if you’re just making a guess on who you want it to be. Not everything is a conspiracy.

  • John Thompson

    no he didn’t, the one question he asked about salary for women, he said i thought you might ask this.

  • John Thompson

    Hillary gets the questions on every interview

  • Lynn Mac

    “Donald Trump is soooo careful with his phraseology.”

    ROTFLMAO!!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha

  • Gen. Chang

    He (Trump) needs to know in advance what the questions will be. But even then, comes off sounding like an illiterate moron none the less. Good grief.

    And I’m amazed Fox responded to El Sooper to defend their complicity. Yikes!

  • gary4205

    So is Trump, so what’s your point?

  • gary4205

    Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. There are some excellent cult deprogramming centers in these United States. May I suggest you spend the next few years of your life at one, so as to be cured of your Trumptardism?

  • gary4205

    It’s a cult man. Nothing will get through to these clowns!