Trump ADMITS Someone At Fox News FEEDS Him Questions Before Interviews!

I know what you’re all gonna say, “what, you’re shocked by this?!” No. We’re not shocked. But it’s confirmation of what we’ve all suspected at Fox News.

Listen to the cheeto-faced vulgarian admit they feed him questions before the shows:

Of course they do, and even then the idiot is poorly prepared for the interviews. So who do you all think is the source? I’m betting on Eric Bolling or Sean Hannity, who both go giddy and weak in the knees whenever their gimpmaster is mentioned.

[h/t Becket Adams]

UPDATE – Fox News actually emailed us about this…

  • ScienceABC123

    Although it’s not 100% clear that someone at Fox News provided Donald Trump with the questions, it does appear very likely someone did. That said, It’s wrong to provide questions in advance as it allows candidates time to “formulate” answers that aren’t necessarily truthful, but will resonate with voters. It’s wrong for Fox News to it just as it’s wrong for ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, MSNBC, etc. to provide Hillary Clinton with questions in advance. And let’s face it, questions to Hillary Clinton are “soft balls” compared to the questions Donald Trump has been asked.

  • Mother124

    And he STILL manages to put his foot in his mouth??????

  • another Carroll

    You could tell during last nights interview of Trump by O’Reilly that this was all set up. The powder puff questions he asked of Trump were disgusting and this is the TV host who claims to be so above board and asking the hard questions. No way, a five year old could have done this. Shame on Fox.