IMAM Says Orlando Terrorist WASN’T Muslim Because Of The Most AMAZING Reason!

Well this is just awesome. A Denver area Imam is saying that the terrorist murderer in Orlando couldn’t possibly be Muslim for a specific reason.

It’s in the first minute of this report from Denver News 7:

Did you catch that?! He couldn’t possibly be Muslim because they aren’t allowed in gay clubs during Ramadan at night!!!

FORGET THE FACT THAT HE MURDERED 50 PEOPLE!! That’s not forbidden by Islam, clearly, but if he was a good religious boy, then he would have picked a nice club that’s open during the day to murder people in the name of Allah. OR he would have waited until after Ramadan for his murderous rampage like a good Muslim.

Kind makes sense actually.

  • vrajavala

    taqqiya BS

  • Mac Abee

    Mateen just got mad because it was Latin Night at the club. He thought it was Bacha Bazi NIght and got mad when he found out that it was next week.

  • Marc_WI

    So the rainbow jihadist isn’t a muslim? He must not have said allahu akbar, he said aloha cockbar!

  • RageHard84

    Well, come to think of it, I did read something somewhere about Muslims not being allowed to drink alcohol. So that’s an issue regarding clubbing in general in Islamic beliefs. The reporter said he wouldn’t have been allowed at a club during Ramadan, didn’t specify whether the club was gay or not.

  • FriendOfJohnnyM

    Wait a minute, that “Imam” can’t be black- he’s not eating a watermelon and grape drank while holding a gun sideways and listening to rap tunes while doing a drive-by !