Here’s When Trump Criticized Michelle Obama For Not Wearing A Scarf And Offending Muslims!

What I really like about Trump is that he tells it like it is and he’s not afraid to offend anyone!!!

Like for instance when he demanded that Michelle Obama bow to our Saudi masters and wear a scarf!!

What is wrong with her!?!?! Trump respects Muslims and the Obamas don’t!!

That’s how Trump will Make America Great!! When he’s President, he’ll make his entire staff wear Burkhas so they won’t offend Muslims!!

Even the dudes!!! Because doing what Muslims tell us what to do is the most politically incorrect thing ever!! Hell yeahahhhhh!!! Aw crap I broke my exclamation point key =(

  • marcus tullius cicero

    …disagree with Trump, but why so much hate?
    Just asking…

  • TheresaAK

    Hate? No, Sooper is pointing out the Hypocrisy …..

    All that Drumpf’s cult members defend him for, is what they despised in obama and Drumpf’s Liberal and RINO friends.

    Drumpf says “Wall” and his minions begin clapping like seals…they ignore anything he has said before and even now, as he chummies up with the GOP Leadership, we are supposed to be angry with.


  • tjk

    Hmmm….sooperMexican wearing a burka.
    Thanks for the laugh and showing the hypocrisy of El cheeto.

  • Johnny Monday

    “Enuf”? Drumpf must have learned his writing skills from Cher. She’s a mental giant compared to him.