DO NOT Have Yourself A Trump Father’s Day!!

I’m not the first to post this on Father’s Day, but I was definitely the most Mexy of posters.

Here’s your special Father’s Day message from the “future father of the country” according to Trump’s worshippers:

And that’s not all!! Here’s how he discussed the birth of his daughter, Tiffany:

Aaaaaaand this:

Dude. Why. How is this creepy moron our nominee?!

Unfortunately, his followers aren’t any less creepy:

We’re doomed. I need a stiff drink. Happy Father’s Day!!!

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  • cryandhowl

    Dude: He’s the nominee because he beat out 16 other candidates, period.
    But not to worry you “Mexy” thing you, the Republicans will figure out a way to lose the general election, with your help.
    Oh, make sure your kids or any minors aren’t around when you have the stiff drink … ( or stiff something ??? who knows???)