Let’s Put The 2nd Amendment ON THE TABLE And Ask WHY Do We NEED IT? – Ben Carson

The Trump campaign rolled out Ben Carson and stuck him in front of a camera again, and the world’s worst presidential surrogate ever proved that he’s earned his nickname yet again.

In today’s iteration, Carson asks, why do we really need the 2nd Amendment, and says that we should put it “on the table” for negotiation.

Watch below at about the 1:15 minute:

This could be sleepy-eyes Carson just blurting out irrationalities like he is often wont to do, but I have a feeling that this is actually a campaign trial ballon. El Trumpo already has shown that he’s on the side of the Democrat circle jerk last night, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s wanting to negotiate more on ripping up our 2nd Amendment protections.

A trial balloon like this would let him see if the general populace shoots it down immediately with their menacing black “assault rifle” “military grade” AR-15s, or if they let the balloon fly fly away along with their Constitutional rights.

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  • Mac Abee

    I just lost all respect for Ben Carson.

  • FriendOfJohnnyM

    I didn’t see anything that indicated he thought the 2A should be challenged or repealed. I gathered from his remarks that we need to put the 2A on display and show HOW MUCH it’s needed to remain a free state.

  • shamballa108

    Same here. I didn’t come away thinking Carson was saying let’s get rid of the 2nd. It could easily be interpreted as “Here is why we have it”. The anti-Trump sentiment here (and by extension the RS) has gone overboard IMO. I could say the same about the pro-Trump sites that are out there. I find myself visiting both here and the RS less and less.

  • Hank Scorpio

    I have a better idea. Let’s not give the gun grabbers a single inch. On anything. They won’t stop until all guns are banned so why move toward that goal?

  • Prorkba

    Maybe Carson just needs a lesson on what the Bill of Rights are. The 2A is an inalienable right that pre-dates the Constitution. It was added as an amendment to the Constitution as a reminder to the federal government that the citizens’ right to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed. The Constitution does not guarantee the right. The government does not give the right. The government cannot take that right away. And, striking the 2A from the Constitution does not nullify the right.