Watch Christiane Amanpour Get ANGRY That Britain ALLOWED The People To Vote On #Brexit!

Christiane Amanpour expressed all the anger and bitterness of the “remain” camp all night since the “Brexit” vote, but of course in a very measured and “objective” manner.

Watch this video where she gets angry at the UK Foreign Secretary for even ALLOWING the people to vote on the Brexit:

The rest of the interview is worth watching just to get the point of view of the “Remain” folks who think this is an unmitigated disaster for Europe.. oops I mean Britain, right Britain. He compares the Brexit to Trump at about the 9 minute mark, but says we can’t turn back globalism, saying, “we can’t put back that genie in the bottle.”

But this is where she really loses it, calling the Brexit “xenophobic” and rips into Nigel Farage because he will “imperil the liberal world order that has guaranteed Western prosperity and liberty since World War II!”

I don’t think she means “liberal” as we understand it, but more as in the classical liberal sense of the term, BUT that’s kind of the point – has it been the classical liberal policy to allow in hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants when terrorists keep slaughtering Europeans? The enemies of the Brexit keep trying to sound like “classical liberals” when they’re advocating for very radical modern liberal policies. SO screw em!!!

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  • fubho

    Christiane Amanpour is your typical globalist loving tw@t.

  • James Hansen

    she’s a rotten person.

  • Schmierr Nippel

    Waaaah…Waaaah ..Waaaaah

  • Nov-cubed

    OOPS, clicked on by accident

  • EnoughIsEnough

    One side benefit to Brexit is watching the left implode.

  • chicobill

    Poor lefties – the British, with their National Medical Care, were the icon if the liberal’s before yesterday. Now they are the villains because they decided to reclaim their identity and ruin New World Order. Bully on you limeys I’m sure Sir Winston just lit a fat cigar. This will save them a few million quid.

  • MicahStone

    For those that don’t know, amanpour is an Islamic, iranian who has NO vested interests in America. Her well-connected family were buddies with the despotic dictator the Shah of Iran, who, like mubarak in Egypt, was funded with BILLIONS of dollars of US taxpayer money and was kept in power for decades by that money and the actions of the CIA and other US agencies. When he gave is first “exclusive” interview after the uprising, mubarak clearly wanted somebody he could relate to and who would be supportive and sympathetic to his corruption and dictatorial extremism – and amanpour certainly was the perfect fit, just as she is at the lamestream C(ertified)N(itwit socialists))N(etwork).

  • Capt_Morgan

    She is a muslim immigrant.

  • cp3984

    arrogance and ignorance…twin pillars of liberalism…send the beetch to Syria

  • Bill Dalasio

    and rips into Nigel Farage because he will “imperil the liberal world
    order that has guaranteed Western prosperity and liberty since World War

    Odd that people who never seem to tire of reminding us that we no longer live in the world of Leave it to Beaver can’t seem to wrap their head around the notion that institutions and organizations formed to deal with the world even a generation before that might not be appropriate for the modern world.

  • NiTRO777

    The point of immigration issues in America is the vast amount of ILLEGAL immigration, NOT globalization. Where the EU is a wide open invite to legally move from country to country, America is being decimated by the unchecked and unvetted masses crossing into our country who have broken the law and the lion share who do not pay taxes and take from the system. LEGAL immigration is welcome, illegal immigration is not.

    Also he thinks globalization is a genie that cannot be put back in the bottle? He is about to find out that the globalist agenda carried out without consideration of their electorate is crashing globalization and the EU (commie globalist central) as we speak. The obvious benefits of one world commie agenda benefits the few elite. Going forward people will continue to place their national interests first since the globalists have shown us they have zero consideration for any given country or the people in it.

    Had the globalists not been so greedy they would have included a 100 year plan to integrate countries seemlessly. They could have pulled it off. But they are greedy and as a result the world is and will reject the march towards a one world government head quartered in Brussels.

  • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon

    “Anti-immigrant, xenophobic…” yada yada yada “…will imperil the liberal world order that has guaranteed prosperity and stability since World War 2…”

  • 0bsoleteMan

    Why do I keep confusing her with Candy Crowley?

  • JoefromTexas

    Bitter old dried up woman with deep contempt for white people and people of all races who would like to govern themselves!

  • JoefromTexas

    They’re both elderly, bitter left wing loons?

  • Mother124

    Christiane Amanpour has always been a Muslim sympathizer and apologist. Everything she says needs to be seen through that lens.

  • Dear “Christina Amanpour”, whowever you are. (I’ve certainly never heard of you.) Do come here and tell me I can’t exercise democratic right over who controls my country. You up for that? Come on, then. And just remember what we did to the cities in the country which tried to stop us doing that next time, yeah?

  • RageHard84

    “Liberal world order”? It brings to mind those conspiracy theories regarding New World Order.

  • siridh

    Love the non-bias. I would expect nothing less from an Iranian globalist.

  • zuzupedals

    She’s always been an America hating, pro Muslim liberal, that’s why she fits right in at CNN!

  • Andrew Riddley

    Screw Liberal world order. We’re sick to the back teeth of self serving Liberals who force tolerance down our throats and expect us to follow the path of sheep. I am sick to death of Liberals calling people names if they support their Country, or wish to protect our borders and family from foreign invaders that don’t share our same regard for human and animal life. It appears liberals have no true meanings of the words they use, such as democracy, bigotry, racism, xenophobia or fascism. Despite what Hammond said, Farage got us here. There may be a lot of Brexiters that don’t share a lot of his views, however they did share the need for change. A change that we can fly our own flag without name calling from small minded liberals. A change where we can be out raged about Islamic terrorists, and not have to assign the blame somewhere else so we don’t offend the Liberal enablers who wish us to sit back and ignore because it’s easy to pick a fight with someone who doesn’t use violence as a resolve. We are sick of other nations making rules for our country without a care for a negative impact it may have, just as long as it raises money to continue their NWO project.

  • OriginalRS

    Au contraire, a considerably fabulous MAIN benefit!